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Miltrix Museum

Perhaps the most bizarre establishment in Oakfithe was the failed Miltrix Museum. Leeds Miltrix, an elderly fellow whose family originated in Elderzwich, had amassed and inherited a large collection of military artifacts from ages past.

Leeds' construction and opening of the the marble museum was met with initial enthusiasm from the populations of both Oakfithe and Elderzwich. However, many were soon perplexed by his decision. Each week, parts of the collection were declared off-limits to viewing. Leeds' initial showing was only a small number of crude, rusted weapons and armor. He eventually insisted that even these were too delicate to be "exposed to the eyes" of his dwindling following.

Miltrix spent increasingly longer periods of time alone in the lowers vaults of his museum, gazing on his collection and leaving only to acquire additions from sellers, and harvest from his modest vegetable garden.

His end came as many had expected, locked inside his inner-chambers of steel-enforced marble. When he ceased to emerge, none knew how or if to enter, and so the strange complex became a tomb.

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