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Sunk Star Church

The church was one of the first buildings erected in Oakfithe, and thus saw the entire history of the town play out to the present. Though it was generally a place of calm sanctuary, it was also the recovery center for the afflicted in the gungnir plague, as well as the scene of the bloody Errins wedding.

In the final months of its service, it was also the residence of Yurith, the cemetery and church groundskeeper. Yurith was a strange and eccentric person to the townsfolk, and mostly kept to himself. It was rumored that he was a missionary from the Stone Marshlands far to the South, a resting ground for nomadic pagans who worshipped their ancestors as demi-gods. They thought him a convert seeking salvation in service to the church and town.

The truth would have disturbed the townsfolk more than this. Yurith was indeed from the marshes, but had been born into a tribe that was dark and foreboding even to the often-shunned nomads that shared the region. Yurith’s tribe saw the entire human race as an energy source to be fed upon by their God, and believed themselves to be the harvesters of this energy. Their method of “harvesting” was to spread as much death as possible, though they could not be the one to actually take the life – they had to be responsible for death indirectly without laying a hand upon those they killed.

Yurith brought something terrible with him from deep within the marshlands – a vile insect known as gungnir. Gungnir were rare, needle-nosed wasps which would alight upon a victim to drain them of a small amount of energy. The true problem the victim faced after being bitten was that the miniscule wound continued to drain them of their energy, just as air is released from a life preserver. Victims would slowly die of exhaustion without the proper salve, created from an equally-rare flower that grew in the marshes so far south.

Upon his arrival and “volunteering” at Sunk Star Church, Yurith meticulously prepared a grave for himself – this was what his harmful religion viewed as a gateway to their God. Then, one morning, he went into the market in Hummingbird Square, and dropped the glass container he had sealed the gungnir in before hastily sprinting from the square, screaming in his native tongue.

When enough people realized what had happened, they mobbed the Church in search of the maniac who had imperiled their lives – only to find him buried alive in his own, ornate burial mound in the basement.

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