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Fomenthal House

Nita was a short, sweet woman who tended her garden in the day, and cooked for her and her husband Rendel in the evenings. Rendel was a tall, skinny and equally kind man who repaired farming implements and other machinery for the village. One night, Nita fell ill of a rare fever, which even the village doctor, Humdal, had not the remedy for. Rendel pleaded for some sort of guidance on how to save his wife. With some reservation, Humdal described an uncommon plant called Witch’s Tear that grew by streams in the Fox Glade, a region of forest some days’ travel from the village. Humdal explained that he had none of the plant on hand due to the inaccessibility of Fox Glade, as well as the dangers lurking there - including wolves and venomous spiders said to be the size of rabbits. Rendel could not bare the thought of watching Nita die, and so left her in the Humdal’s care while he set out to Fox Glade, with only a small sack of food, a coil of rope, and his rifle.

Six days passed. Nita awoke in worse health each day than the last, and in a slightly more delirious state due to her rising temperature. Humdal had answered her murmurs and cries out for Rendel each evening, his attempts to comfort her feeling increasingly helpless each evening. On the sixth evening, Humdal slept upright in a chair, and did not awake when Nita called for Rendel one last time.

Rendel never returned to the village, most guessing he had become lost or fallen prey to the wolves and spiders of Fox Glade. And so the Fomenthal house fell into disrepair, the garden grew wild, and Rendel’s tool shop fell silent.

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