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Nels House

Dosa Nels, the only engineer to ever reside in Oakfithe, was the inventor and maintainer of the two fountains in town – one in the Hummingbird Square, and the other in the orchard of the Errins Manor. He also created many tools and implements of agriculture, communication, and transportation. One of his crowning achievements was the flare system he set and operated at the behest of the village council, as a means of communicating with the neighboring town of Elderzwich and outlying farms. He and Rendel Fomenthal were close friends, and they often collaborated on inventions born from the heap of scrap material in the Nels’ yard.

His only son was Garreth Nels, who served as an understudy that he might take over his father’s trade some day. Garreth was bright and good-natured, like his father. He grew up alongside Pina Dustill, and the two of them were inseparable as friends growing up, and as sweethearts in adolescence. He tried all the more to master his father’s trade that he might one day ask for her hand in marriage with her father’s approval.

This otherwise blessed union was not to be, as Lord Errins bought her hand against her will. Heart-broken and angry, Garreth created one final device – a flintlock pistol, which he drew on Errins on the day of his and Pina’s wedding. Having murdered Errins in cold blood, he was sentenced to hang by the council, and attempted to flee town. He was shot down in the street by Simon Shellis, the acting marshal of Oakfithe at the time.

To cap the most dramatic tragedy of Oakfithe’s history, Dosa hung himself in the rafters of the Nels’ tower where the flare launcher was stored.

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